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Who is WorkShop 868

WorkShop 868, based in Trinidad and Tobago, was founded by Bobby Mohan in 2008 where he involved his closed ones to be part of in pursuit of bettering themselves as Musicians. This Workshop would subsequently evolve as a Musical Band, performing all genres. The Band was then named “WorkShop 868 Band”
  • 868 being the AREA CODE of Trinidad and Tobago
  WorkShop 868 was quickly becoming recognized and loved by the public. People would’ve booked them for Parties, Events of which they would have been satisfied. WorkShop 868 was quickly becoming popular in the in the early years and got pretty busy with bookings. However, as the years went by, WorkShop 868 has undergone many changes and transitions, where many joined and went on, but we have always maintained that “live feel”. WorkShop 868 not only known for their music, but for their passion and the love for what they do. Everyone in WorkShop 868 is bonded as family and their passion strengthen each other and encourage WorkShop 868 in becoming successful.   Colours of Music 2Although WorkShop 868 was formed in 2008, it was officially launched in 2018 as they presented and produced their first concert, Colours of Music. Colours of Music features the WorkShop 868 Band and close musically affiliates of the “Family”. In WorkShop 868 we say that each musician and singer is a star in his/her own right. Hence, we are referred to as the #WorkShop868Galaxy whenever we have features of this magnitude. Thanks to the vision and creativity of Bobby Mohan, WorkShop 868 never limit themselves in their music production and songs produced by their W868 Studio. Bobby Mohan Chutney Soca Molly Ramcharan WorkShop 868 Trinidad and Tobago 868 SHazzie Shazeena Ramsumair nykholis Bobby Mohan has a special liking for rock music (due to his passion in guitars) as well as the love of his culture. Over the years he always wanted to fuse both genres
  • Chutney + Rock = 
As of 2016, Bobby and WorkShop 868 band has officially started the ChutneyRock project where they are working towards creating a full original ChutneyRock Album. In September 2023, WorkShop 868 was recognized and award the #1 Cross-Over Band by the West Indian Record (W.I.R). The W.I.R. committee stated that the unique sound and aura of WorkShop 868 was able to make them the 4th recipient to receive such as award and this spans over 40 years. WorkShop 868 is first ever CHUTNEY ROCK. Workshop 868 Trinidad

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