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Bobby Mohan

Colours of Music 2


Leader | Keyboardist | Guitarist | Arranger | Producer | Author of Chutney Rock

Founder (2008-present)

Anand “Bobby” Mohan is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most popular “indo” guitarist. He is a naturally gifted and self taught Musician but he exposed himself to music theory and is able to read and write music.

His musical career began in the year 1994 and having been impressive to many, he was highly requested by many top bands of Trinidad and Tobago. Bobby Mohan has jammed with: JMC Triveni, Harry Mahabir and the BWIA Orchestra,

Bobby Mohan on the CSM Stage

ANDAZ, Melobugz, Guyatones, Saffire and many more bands in Trinidad and Tobago. He was also a founding core member of the BMRZ band. Apart from playing with top bands, he have also jammed on stage with top artists such as: Kumar Sanu, Sundar Popo, Kanchan and Babla, Sonny Man, Anand Yankarran, Shadow, Chris Garcia and much more. Bobby Mohan would travelled to many countries through music.


After all those years, Bobby Mohan eventually founded the WorkShop 868 Band. In the early days he started

as a way of musically training his closed ones. The training was like a Workshop where Bobby exposed them to all genres of music; such as Jazz, R&B, Rock, Pop, Ballad, Ghazal, Reggae, etc. After a while they all agreed to start a band, hence WorkShop 868 was created (see more in WorkShop 868 Bio)


Bobby is also know as the “Muzeekal Chef” since every rehearsal in WorkShop 868 Band, he was always cooking up something musically or arranging something new and different not to mention his popular fish broth. – The Muzeekal Chef.

Colours of Music 2

Besides creating WorkShop 868 as a means of training his closed ones, Bobby had intentions of creating this band as means of injecting his idea of CHUTNEYROCK. Chutney Rock has been a goal and dream of Bobby for over 3 decades. Many of his peers were confused some even laughed and shun his vision, but Bobby kept strong to his goals and remain persistent in his journey of Chutney Rock.

In 2015, Bobby Mohan finally built his own studio (W868 Studio). Now he has all he needs to really accomplish his real dream – CHUTNEYROCK. Bobby Mohan have always encourages his fellow producers and artist to do original compositions and production.

Bobby Mohan – The Author of ChutneyRock


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